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                Five offices in USA with exclusive and non-exclusive agents worldwide to cover our customer’s demands


                                      ASIA                  NORTH AMERICA          CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA           EUROPE

                                               Korea                     Canada                                     Colombia                                                            Germany

                                               China                     Mexico                                      Argentina                                                            Italy

                                               Japan                     United States                           Venezuela                                                           France

                                              Hong Kong                                                               Brazil                                                                    United Kingdom

                                              Taiwan                                                                      Chile                                                                     Netherlands

                                              Vietnam                                                                    Peru                                                                     Spain

                                              Malaysia                                                                   Nicaragua                                                           Portugal

                                              Indonesia                                                                 Uruguay                                                              Poland

                                              Singapore                                                                 Panama                                                              Greece

                                              Thailand                                                                   El Salvador                                                          Sweden

                                              India                                                                         Honduras

                                              Russia                                                                       Costa Rica

                                              Mongolia                                                                  Dominican Republic

                                              Phillippines                                                              Bolivia



                                                                        Also service to Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Guam, Saipan, and Alaska









Our goal is your sucess.


We will assist with all your need to build long term relationship together.



Powertrans Freight Systems Inc(PFS) is certify licensed International NVOCC, IATA, FMC, DANGEROURS GOODS, C-TPAT, other tools and network partners to fulfil your need of logistics.


- IATA Members Since 1989 /

  IATA(CNS) NO.01-8890/0016

- FMC Members since 1988 /


- Marine Cargo Policy NO. / 0MC7568194

- DG Handling license

  ( FAA CGO113-2005-926)

- WCA Member ID: 109303




If you're opening new business, please contact us to help you from scratch to your door.


We're consulting existing business for reduce of freight cost. 


We're integrated logistics to provide you liable service with dependable price.


Our expert specialist can either send you rates by e-mail or physically visit to your business site to further discuss customize your need.


Please e-mail or call us today!

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